Want to improve your business and your bottom line? That's where we come in. We meet with you to get an idea of what you want, what you need, and give you direction as to what could help you most. Many of our clients aren't even aware of some of the functionality or automation available through web application development.

We assess your needs based on thorough conversations with you. We work to define the goals and we ask questions to determine what will work best for you. We develop a site map that plots where pages on the site will reside and make the most of that structure to keep mouse clicks to a minimum. We will also deliver to you a document outlining what we will provide and the cost of the project. If necessary, we can build out the cost 'a la carte' so you can build what you need now, and plan for additional phases down the road.

Design and Document
After approval of the project proposal, we will develop a project timeline. Our first step in the timeline is designing the look and feel for your new site or application. We provide design layouts based on our conversations about your likes, needs and preferences. If your site includes animation, we create story boards and flow charts to show how the final animation will play.

Coding and Development
Once a design is approved by you, we begin the process of coding the site into HTML and adding in any other functionality such as databases, Flash animation and email forms. Generally some minor revisions will take place after our initial development so the final product is just as you envisioned it.

Testing and Launch
We test our project on the server it will be hosted upon as we build it. This way, we know that when the site goes live, the server setup is exactly what we need it to be. We test our sites and applications for cross-platform compatibility on both Macintosh and PCs in Netscape and Explorer. You will also be given access to the site to go thru it yourself before it is launched. Before we launch, we help you develop title tags, meta tags and keywords, and other phrases that help search engines index your site.

We optimize our graphics to load quickly but to retain their quality. We create our files so they are small and fast loading. Our database applications are also optimized for speed and security. And, in creating the site, we use various features to make the site easy to maintain and grow as your business does.

At this point, your project has been launched and you are receiving interest and possibibly feedback. We can answer any questions about your site, burn the site to CD if desired, and for up to two weeks after launching, make any corrections to the site that may have been our fault. Depending on how hands-on you want to be, we can either handle any upcoming maintenance/additions to the site, or we can hand it over to your company.