Childbirth Classes


Birthing classes can give you confidence as you head for labor and delivery — whether you’re a first-time mom or a delivery room veteran.  Learning things you don’t know about labor, delivery, and postpartum, facing your fears, connecting with your labor coach, and options on handling pain are just a few reasons it is important to take birthing classes.  There are a several different birthing classes, you should find the one that fits you and your partners needs the best.

Birth Connection has partnered with Kayleigh Sheehy with Carolina Moon Birth Lactation Wellness,  to bring to you a variety of classes and support including Birthing, nutrition, breastfeeding, and postpartum classes.  She also offers cloth diaper education and placenta encapsulation.  Call Kayleigh at (864) 554-4616 or Birth Connection at (864) 538-6565 for more information.

“Preparing for Childbirth” Classes at Self Regional Healthcare:  Topics include what to do when you come to the hospital, Labor process, comfort measures/pain management, and newborn care. Classes take place in the hospital’s private dining room.

Starting Off Right at Self Regional Healthcare:
Free “Starting off Right” classes are for anyone 3-6 months pregnant. Issues discussed include anatomy and vocabulary, nutrition, exercising, signs of pre-term labor, routine tests done during pregnancy and questions to ask your doctor. Moms will receive a baby care video, information handout, and information on what topics are taught in childbirth classes. Classes take place in the Self Regional Women’s Center Library.

Other types of Birth classes:

Birthing From Within

Bradley Childbirth





Classes will soon be offer at the Birth Connection.