Natural deliveries at Self Regional Healthcare allow moms-to-be to experience the comfort and control of a birth center, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that medical interventions are readily available is necessary. With a nurse-midwife delivery, mom can have:
* A natural birth
* Freedom to walk while in labor
* Little to no continuous fetal monitoring for low risk women
* Breastfeeding and bonding support at birth
* Skin to Skin contact
* Shower during labor and after delivery
* Active participation in decision making
* Treatment for pain, if preferred or requested

Self Regional Healthcare

Self Regional Women’s Center is the delivering facility. There is an excellent staff with 18 birthing suites, newborn nursery, two surgical suites for Cesarean births,  24 hour Anesthesia  and level III Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit.  They follow a  family-centered care model that understands having a child is a family event and not only values the mother, but her loved ones as well.  They are committed to a family-centered care model to make sure this special event is magnified in the lives of the entire family.

For information about the Women’s Center, call (864) 725-4920, (864) 725-4914, toll free at (877)-892-0024.


Dr. Michael Gentry 

Turning Point Women’s Center, Dr. Michael Gentry, is our consulting physician.  He is a competent physician that supports   Midwifery model of care.

For information about Turning Point Women’s Center and Dr. Michael Gentry, call (864) 538-6565