The Birth Connection is the first to bring midwifery services to Greenwood and the surrounding areas.  Birth Connection is owned and operated by a native of Greenwood, Janet Goff MSN, APRN, CNM.  There is fully trained staff which provides an outstanding quality of care to women of all ages.  The Birth Connection provides primary care, gynecological and prenatal services, education through a variety of classes offered, labor and delivery support, home health visit 24-48 hours after delivery and family planning. We have a passion for women’s health, education and anticipatory guidance during pregnancy. We believes each woman and her family deserves time for questions to be answered, to understand changes during pregnancy, choices during labor, and a healthy and satisfying birth experiences.




Our Mission Statement: To hope that all women we care for become empowered, make informed decisions, are supported and have the opportunity  to fully connect with the experience of giving birth.

Our Vision Statement: To provide midwifery care to women of all ages while understanding the importance of their health in the well being of  families, communities and nations.


We aim:

  • To provide quality care to all women and her family
  • To provide women with healthy and safe choices
  • To assist her in playing an active roll in her health care
  • To empower women and her family with knowledge
  • To replace fear of labor with excitement about their journey into parenthood
  • To support each woman in her decision
  • To provide competent midwifery practice through lifelong learning